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STHS Leagues Hosted by STHS Hosting Services

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Canadian American Fantasy Hockey League
National Quebec Hockey Simule
Ligue des Nioufs
Marios Fantasy Hockey League
North American Simulated Hockey League
Ligue Kings Hockey Simulé
Montreal Online Hockey Simulator
Ligue d'Élite de Hockey Simulé
Ligue Légendaire de Hockey Ultime
Retro Hockey League du Québec
Nameless Hockey League
Overtime Hockey League
Major League Hockey
Stanley Cup Winners Hockey League
Ligue elite hockey nord américaine
Breakaway Fantasy Hockey Association
Ligue hockey virtuel Simulation
Nouvelle ligue de hockey progressive
Elite Simulation Hockey Association
Prospects Hockey International
Ligue National de Hockey SuperSimulée
Have Fun Hockey League
Oil Country Hockey League
LIHV - Hockey simulé
Tough Tilly League
Dave Charron Hockey League
Hockey Saturday Night
Legend Hockey League
Ligue nationale hockey virtuelle simulée
Legend Hockey League 2
Ligue Professionnelle de Hockey Simulé
Simulated Western Hockey League
Eternal Hockey League
Ligue expérimentale amateure de hockey simulé
CalgaryPuck Hockey League
Kelleterie Hockey League
Ligue Fédérale de Hockey Simulée

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